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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    sa sa
    I continue to be impressed with Port Products. Amazing Value. Tremendous Product.

    The men's product scene is tough. It's terrible. They add sandalwood and musk to subpar products and claim it's for men and markup plenty. The main culprits of this are the terrible magazines like GQ, Valet and AskMen (as advertised here). I have wasted so many money when I didn't know better. I was very hesitant to buy this product because this bro culture of men's products is infuriating.

    I have bought under eye recovery gel from here and I was very impressed. It's a tiny bottle but it has lasted me way too long. When trying to buy that, I decided to give this shampoo a shot. It seemed like it was tailor made for me. I have fine hair. I have had good luck with using protein peptides serum in my hair.

    It's difficult to get men's shampoo for fine hair. Women's product don't work that well as they focus on silkiness which doesn't work if you're keeping it short. I have also found that using a conditioner is unnecessary and actually degrading. It's better for your products(tonic, argan oil, cream) to do the work. So, I just bought the shampoo.

    I was immediately impressed at the size of the bottle. It's huge. And even more impressive is that it foams easily. A small drop and it works all over the scalp. That makes this an amazing value which I didn't expect. Furthermore, my hair feels great. I used to shampoo every 3 days but this is mild so I am shampooing almost everyday. My hair feels fuller and fuller.

    Tim McDonough
    My One and Only

    This shampoo has replaced all other hair care products in my arsenal, it’s that good!


    Excellent shampoo! Fuller soften and healthy looking hair

    So Far So Good

    I’ve only been using the shampoo and conditioner for two weeks but so far it’s been good. It did take all this time for my hair to acclimate just as it does whenever I change products. My hair definitely has become softer and my scalp feeling very clean. My hair is still a bit dry but not bad plus I use Moroccan oil anyway whenever I shampoo. I shampoo four times a week and condition the rest. The smell of both is great. The goal to switching to natural is to keep my hair and scalp as healthy as possible (and keep my full head of hair of course).

    Julian Samaniego


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