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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Derek Suarez

    As with every Port Product I have tried, the shaving duo exceeds expectations. The scrub is the best and makes my skin so much more even. The shaving cream is a fantastic deviation from traditional shaving foams / gels and leaves my skin razor-burn free and feeling great.

    Joseph J.
    Excellent Combo

    I’ve never been a big fan of shave creams, but this one has made me change my tune. Combined with the face scrub, this duo makes a great combo for my sensitive skin. Highly recommended!

    Tom C.
    Love the cleanser, shave cream not so much

    I find the cleanser to be very... well, cleansing. My face is noticeably cleaner, less oily and overall refreshed afterwards. I'm certainly more in the habit of a daily face wash as a result.

    The shave cream is fine, but the main issue is it gums up and sticks to my razor terribly. It takes all kinds of shaking, banging, rinsing and cursing to get my blades clean, and I'm changing them more frequently because of it. Not a total deal breaker, but annoying. The cream should be thinner.

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