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    palm tree

    It all started when we (brother-and-sister team Matt and Madison Ruggieri) launched The Motley in 2010. The goal was simple: connect men with great grooming products that they might not find elsewhere. We started with outside brands we loved but always felt there were some things lacking in the options available to guys. After trying every men's product under the sun and with the extremely helpful input of our loyal Motley customers, we launched Port Products to fill in those product voids and provide guys with the straightforward, effective solutions they were asking us for.

    Your Daily Basics Made Simple and Effective.

    When your skincare foundation is strong, you see the difference. We started with the three products most men told us they use daily. "Our goal was to create the best of the best in a face wash, a shaving cream, and a moisturizer," says Matt of the trio of products. "And I think we did a really good job. It took us a year of collecting feedback and testing lab samples, but we got some amazing products that we wanted to put out there with our own brand name on them."


    Best Men's Grooming Products Made in USA


    Really Natural.

    So what's in the concoctions? Good stuff, and mostly natural. But it has to work. "Going into it, it was very important for us to make our products as natural as possible while still being highly effective," says Madison. That means you won't find a bunch of crazy chemicals. But it also means that you'll see the occasional scientifically derived ingredient, so long as it does its job and is good for you. "There's no such thing as the face wash tree," Darren jokes. "It's science."

    Illustrations of ginger root and avocado

    Routine focused.

    The result of all this science: three very effective products, all of which figure heavily — or at least should figure heavily — into every guy's daily grooming routine. A welcome development, indeed.

    - From Esquire.com


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