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    The most intense, immediate fix when your skin needs serious repair.

    You put your skin through a lot. Undo the damage caused by travel fatigue, dehydration, sun exposure and other daily skin stressors.

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    Shop the Intense Recovery Treatment Masks Now!


    "They're easy to throw in your bag for travel when your skin needs it most." - Matt, co-founder


    • Algaes and peptides revive dull skin.

    • Barley seed extract reduces redness and even skin tone.

    • Ultra-hydrating red seaweed and sodium hyaluronate restore skin elasticity, firmness and smoothness.

    • Advanced bio-degradable coconut derived mask applies to the face easier than traditional sheet masks - including over facial hair.


    Shop the Intense Recovery Treatment Masks Now!


    "The ease of application and multi-tasking benefits make them the perfect treatment before an event." - Madison, co-founder

    Why should we be so excited to open this and put it on?

    The Intense Recovery Treatment Mask is truly designed as a quick 15 minute intense ‘repair and reboot’ after a long night, travel, sun exposure or anything else that takes a toll on your skin - even shaving! They’re easy to throw in your bag while traveling and provide hydration, balance and nutrients to the skin when it needs it most.

    When should I use a mask? 

    The Intense Recovery Treatment Mask can be used in the morning or at night! It makes for a great pick-me-up in the morning or a replenishing night treatment. We definitely recommend using one before a big event. For the best long term results, use once a week. Netflix and mask maybe? When traveling, we like to use one mid-flight for a fresh face on touchdown!


    Shop the Marine Layer® Intense Recovery Treatment Masks Now!