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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Glenn Glaraga
    Great Product

    This product was great. I used it with some friends during a birthday get away and really enjoyed it. It smells amazing and It leaves your skin feeling great.

    Ismael Peña
    Best mask ever

    This mask is great. You can feel and see the effects right away in your first try. I usually share it with my wife. She likes this mask even though is for men.

    I recommend this mask!

    Andy C.
    Wonderfully relaxing

    I love the scent of all PP products. Kind of minty-cool and these especially feel great on my skin. After 20 minutes or so it is sad when you have to take it off, but my skin feels great the rest of the day and into the next. Really love these masks.

    Dave Anderson
    Very refreshing

    These masks are very refreshing and leave my skin feeling better. I enjoyed the masks first as part of a combo with the eye recovery gel and face lotion, and enjoyed them so decided to re-order.

    Dustin M
    So Cool!

    This mask is amazing!!!! It leaves a nice cooling effect to the skin that remains on there for a good few hours afterwards. The mask stays on my face while using it even when I have some facial scruff going on. The packet comes with a VERY generous amount of serum that you can use afterwards. What I do not use, I put in a reusable container that is sealed tightly and I use at the office just as a little plump of freshness during the day. This product is also SUPER amazing to use during the summer months!

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