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    Beard Burn Is A Hazard. Here's How To Easily Prevent It.

    bearded man with sunglasses
    I want to talk to you about beard burn. I know you're proud of that scruff, and I'll admit, it can be a very attractive on some guys. What you don't know is that not properly caring for your beard may be creating a "look, don't touch" situation.

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    Here's the ONE Men's Grooming Product Every Guy In His 40s Needs To Use

    man holding sheet of glass
    Now you’re starting to notice some dullness or fine lines on that previously smooth, glowing mug of yours. If you only make one skincare upgrade upon hitting the big 4-0, make it the Port Products Balancing Daily Moisturizer.

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    Valet. features the launch of Port Products

    person holding bottle in lab

    Over the past few years, The Motley has made a name for itself as an online apothecary that's more than skin-deep. Stocked with hundreds of products that have all been personally road-tested by the brother and sister co-founders, Matthew and Madison Ruggieri, the site also offers sound grooming advice along with the option for customers to text, live chat or email the team with a question or concern. In fact, that's what served as the impetus to create their own line—Port Products, launching today. We caught up with Matthew and Madison, along with the site's third partner, Glee's Darren Criss, the handsome song-and-dance man who's just as passionate about product development, to learn more.

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